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01. Case Study

We collaborated with a national partnership firm with expertise in Leadership Development, Executive Advisory, and Organizational Culture.

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The firm developed a custom leadership development program with a unique curriculum that focused on specific competencies. They desired to measure the level of mastery for each competency before leaders started the program and after they completed it. Measuring the mastery levels for each leader would also inform the Program Coach on areas to focus on in individual and group sessions.


  1. Can We Measure This: The organization had no idea how to measure something that was not numbers.

  2. What's A Good or Bad Score: Mathematically, the organization was unaware of what the cut-offs should be to decide if a passing or failing score for the competency.

  3. How to Share Results: The organization desired for each leader to have their own report but had no design or technology to deliver it.

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After the consultant identified the competencies she wanted to measure we walked her through several exercises to learn how she described the competencies at different mastery levels. Those behaviors were then refactored into metrics each leader would be scored on. We applied mathematical best practices to mark out mastery levels within the score range and lastly designed a report template that would be populated with individual results and shared by the consultant with each leader.

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