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We are the Impact Data specialists...

Why Choose Perrynorm Analytics?

“Your data has a story worth sharing”

At Perrynorm Analytics we work with organizations that need to demonstrate their impact and want to strengthen their programs.  Our custom approach to measurement and evaluation is guided by robust methods, broad analyses, and insightful data collection.  


​Perrynorm Analytics was founded by Timeka Smith in 2019 and is addressing the challenge of organizations having limited data and/or analysis to prove their impact.  C-Level leaders and Executive Directors have been running programs for years with only a few Excel spreadsheets and testimonials to tell the entire story of impact. While helpful, spreadsheets and testimonials hold little information to help leaders and stakeholders make decisions and demonstrate value within their respective industry.  Perrynorm Analytics partners with organizations that are impacting their communities but aren't as data savvy.

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