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03. Case Study

We joined forces with a Chamber of Commerce that served minority-owned businesses. This Chamber served entrepreneurs by providing access to capital, education and strategic partnerships.

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When the Chamber received grant money from the state to distribute funds to local entrepreneurs, a requirement of the grant dollars was reporting on distribution of funds. The Chamber did not have the resources in-house to determine the right metrics to report or create reports with visualizations that could be shared with key stakeholders.


  1. Data Not Ready for Reporting: Because of multiple processes, data was in separate spreadsheets.

  2. What Metrics Matter: Both reporting metrics for external stakeholders, and internal process managers needed to be determined.

  3. How Can We Share With Others: The AACCWI leader needed quick access to the report and PDF one-pager she could share easily.

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Case Study Pics3c.jpg


After walking through the various stages of the grant distribution process we mapped out different reports that would tell the story of progress for the Chamber. We decided to use PowerBI for reporting as it was an industry-grade reporting tool with non-profit friendly pricing. PowerBI also provided a link that would always have the most current updates of the report and a download button to easily retrieve the report as a PDF to share easily in emails or PowerPoint.

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