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02. Case Study

We partnered with a nonprofit who's mission was to advance education equity in their local community. They achieved their mission by focusing on early childhood education and high school achievement.

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The nonprofit created a youth-led iniitiative to give students a voice and an opportunity to shape the future of education in their local community. With these student leaders empowered with decision making, the nonprofiit wanted their youth leaders to have the data skills necessary to explore and evaluate the success of their programs.


  1. What Would Be Beneficial: Our data literacy training needed to be tailored to the needs of highschool upperclassmen.

  2. How to Maintain Engagement Virtually? The training would be delivered virtually so intentional engagement was required.

  3. Limited Amount of Time: The youth only had six sessions to increase their data literacy before moving forward with programming.

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We took our curriculum and crafted six modules that equip students with the right information to think analytically and navigate data with competence. After sharing the curriculum it was determined that the adult staff will also join the sessions to increase their knowledge. The modules also included a balance of presentation and hands-on activity to get experience navigating Excel and brainstorming on which visualizations would be best for different data types.

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