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Meet Our Founder

Timeka P. Smith


Timeka P. Smith is a dynamic multi-hyphenate who has dedicated her life's work to developing solutions across multiple industries for professionals, entrepreneurs and ministry leaders.  With nearly 10 years in the data analytics and business intelligence space, Timeka has impacted multiple Fortune 500 companies through descriptive analytics as a Senior Analyst to predictive analytics and data mining as a Data Scientist.

Desiring to see smaller organizations make well-informed data driven decisions, Timeka formed Perrynorm Analytics with the mission to deliver Fortune 500 analytical horsepower to small businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions.  Given her entrepreneurial spirit and her desire to share her lessons of failure, self-belief and perseverance, Timeka created the Fancied Fruit podcast for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Through the transparency and vulnerability of Timeka and her guests, the Fancied Fruit podcast builds resilience, grows the confidence and motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to not quit their dream.

Outside of her podcast, Timeka also serves as a Solution Development Coach to small businesses to craft tailored solutions with targeted results within a constructed timeframe.

Timeka is a proud graduate of Howard University, Master's student at Georgia Tech and southern belle hailing from Huntsville, AL.  When Timeka is not actively impacting others through her work or ministry she enjoys her time with her husband and daughter.



Georgia Institute of Technology


Howard University

Master of Science in Analytics

A top-10 ranked analytics program from the #7 ranked public university in the U.S., this interdisciplinary degree trains in the context of business, computing, operations research and statistics.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

A leading Historically Black College & University, Howard is a leader in STEM fields.  The National Science Foundation has ranked Howard as the top producer of African American undergraduates who later earn science and engineering doctoral degrees.

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